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There’s SEO and then there’s effective SEO. How can you tell the difference? To put it simply, effective SEO can suppress or minimize any features on or surrounding your website that may have a negative impact on your the overall reputation of your business. SEO accomplishes this while allowing for a quick and highly relevant search result that answers the questions of your potential customers. In addition, properly executed SEO will get real people talking about your business. Whether it be Google business reviews, Yelp, or even something as seemingly small as a post on Facebook, online reviews dramatically influence the decision of potential customers. Positive reviews that actually inform potential customers of the way that a company conduct themselves are critical to the long-lasting online success of a business. On the other hand, any business that has experienced the wrath of negative online reviews will tell you the chaos that these online reviews can create. Each one of these little blurbs about your website can have a drastic impact on your search engine rankings and the overall amount of leads your business receives from the internet.

What happens if you hear something negative about your brand? How do you react online? More importantly, how should you react? It’s entirely possible that to respond rationally and progressively to negativity about your business. Having your business online creates a sense of transparency with your customers, and this Transparency allows you, the business owner, to turn any negative information you learn about your business into a positive learning experience. While these reviews becoming a positive isn’t a guarantee, simply taking the time out of your day to try and change a disgruntled customer shows dedication, commitment, and the authenticity of your brand, no matter the negativity you’re faced with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is review management software?

As a business, you undoubtedly have received reviews for your brand, products, and services across various platforms. Review management software displays all these reviews in one place, allowing you to manage your online reputation (and reviews) from a centralized marketing dashboard. Many of these systems have a feature that enables businesses to request online reviews from their customers through text and email.

How important are customer reviews?

Absolutely Critical. Nearly all of your buyers will be exposed to your reviews. Not only will your clientele decide if you are worthy of their business, but Google and other search engines use this as a metric of your authority and, therefore, a serious ranking factor. If you consistently provide excellent service and encourage reviews, more customers will want to buy from you.

Why is reputation management important?

Just as good reviews will generate you more business, less than stellar reviews will also impact your potential to succeed. Reputation management allows you to evaluate your current performance so that you can provide a better experience for your customers.

What do I do if I have bad reviews?

Bad reviews are not the end of the world for a business. In fact, with reputation management, you can reduce the frequency at which potential customers see these reviews. These services also ensure that you are alerted when you get new reviews—allowing you to make right any perceived wrongs promptly and engage with your customers about their experiences.

How does reputation management work?

We use a range of evidence-based methods to ensure the most relevant positive reviews are shown when customers search for your brands and products. We accomplish this by enacting a comprehensive SEO strategy that showcases your brand in the highest possible light. Over time, you will see improvements in your sales.


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AMP Digital Agency Minneapolis


AMP Digital Agency is backed by a team of highly skilled professionals with years of experience in the digital marketing industry. Our aim is to help entrepreneurs, businesses, and even corporations take their marketing to the next level.

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